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How do I make a new post on my blog?
How do I make a new post on my blog?
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To make a new blog post, hover over Social on the left menu, then click on Blogs:

Then, on the menu on the right side of the screen, click Create Post:

You can also click here:

After clicking Create Post, you'll be able to select the title and language of your new post, and add a picture if you want:

You can add a caption for the image in the Credit/Caption box, and add a credit for the image if needed. The © symbol is there for you to copy and paste into the box if needed.

Type your blog post in the text box! You can insert chess games or diagrams, images, emotes, videos, or links, and use all the formatting options to make your text look exactly how you like it!

Click Save and Preview to see what your post will look like, and make sure it's how you want it. Once your sure you are ready for your blog to be read by the world, click publish!

You are now a chess blogger!

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