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How do I find blogs to read?
How do I find blogs to read?
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Reading and following blogs is a great way to learn and to meet people on!

To start reading blogs, first, hover over Social on the left menu, then click on Blogs:

This will take you to the blogs page where you will see a list of the most recently posted blogs!

Beneath the image and title of each blog post, you can see the author's username, when it was posted, how many people have viewed it so far, and how many comments have been made. These are marked in blue in the below image:

Below that info is a preview of the blog post text. If it sounds interesting, click on it and go read!

By default, all the blogs listed are written by Top Bloggers. These are blogs endorsed by and often written by employees of To find out how to become a Top Blogger, click here!

If you want to see blogs written by everyone, click on 'All Blogs' on the menu on the right:

The blogs in 'All Blogs' can be written by any member of, and on any topic! Many are not even about chess and don't have to be.

If you read a blog post that you enjoy, you may want to follow that member so you can see any new posts they write. You can easily do this by checking the 'follow' box in the menu to the right of their post:

Once you've followed someone, you'll be able to see any new posts in your activity feed on your home page.

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