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How do I join a club?
How do I join a club?
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Clubs offer a lot of opportunities, whether it’s playing Club Matches, playing vote chess together, or simply to meet people from your area, or with your same interests!

To find and join a club, follow these steps!

  • From your home page, hover over 'Social' on the left sidebar, and click ‘Clubs’

  • From the Clubs home page, look on the right sidebar, and click on ‘Find Clubs’

  • You'll see a list of popular clubs, and a search bar to search for any kind of club you want:

  • Once you’ve found a club, click on the club to go to the club’s page, then click ‘Join’ to request to join

Some clubs may require an additional form to be filled out. Be sure to read the club description if there are any requirements. Once you’ve clicked join, you may have to wait for approval.

Once you are approved and in the club, you will have access to any private forums, notes, or chats that are available, and be able to participate in Club matches!

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