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How do I add, remove, or change a club admin?
How do I add, remove, or change a club admin?
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If you need some help managing your club, you may want to promote some members to an admin role, or even a super admin role.

How to promote a member from your club to Admin or Super Admin

  • From your club home page, click on Members on the right sidebar.

  • Locate the member you wish to promote.

  • Click on the Action dropdown menu next to their name and choose Promote to Admin or Promote to Super Admin from the options.

What actions can Admin and Super Admins perform?


  • Modify club settings and information.

  • Customize the club's theme with background images and colors.

  • Initiate, accept, and view team Vote Chess and Team Matches.

  • Extend club invitations to potential members.

  • Delete forums and comments.

  • Send messages to all members of the club.

Super admins

Super admins possess all the capabilities of a regular admin. Additionally, they have the authority to promote other members to admin or super admin status, as well as to demote members.

To promote a member to super admin, the member must have a premium membership, or the option will not be available.

Be very careful who you choose to promote to super admin. This member will wield the authority to demote and remove both admins and other super admins, including yourself.

What if the super admin is inactive or has left

In cases where the only super admin in a club is inactive, club members can vote to replace the super admin through a club-wide vote.

  • From the club homepage, Click on Forums on the right sidebar.

  • Create a new topic in the forum and invite club members to vote on whether to replace the inactive super admin and who they should be replaced with.

  • Once a decision is reached in the forum, contact support and provide a link to the forum. Support will reach out to the owner - DM and email, and wait 48-72 hours for any feedback. Then, support will be able to replace the inactive super admin.

Eligibility Requirements for Super Admin Status

  • Have been a member of the club for at least 6 months.

  • Demonstrate active participation in the club, including forums, chats, and events.

  • Maintain good standing within the club.

  • Be at least 16 years old - documentation may be requested for verification.

This process does not apply to any Official or Affiliate club. The support team reserves the right to deny any requests for transferring Super Admin permissions after review.

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