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How do I create a club?
How do I create a club?
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Watch this support video, or read on below:

Clubs are great ways to get in contact with people who live in your area, or have the same interests as you. To create your own club follow the below steps!

Create a club

From your home page, hover over 'social' on the left sidebar, and click ‘clubs’

From the clubs page, on the right side of the screen click on ‘create a club’

Add details

Upload a picture for your club, and choose a background image

Choose a name for your club, and if you want to specify, choose the country and location.

You can also add other clubs to your Blacklist - this will block them from challenging you to matches or events.

Next, write a description of your club! What is it for? Who should join? Let people know what your club is all about! There is a secondary box for a private description, here you can write anything that you want only members of the club to be able to see.

Choose settings

Who can join your club? Decide if you want anyone to be able to join, or if you want invites to be required:

Choose a category and activities:

What kind of club will it be? Choose from social, or fan club, or local or company club, or more!

Check the box for each activity you want your club to be involved in. You won't get challenges from other clubs for any categories you don't check.

Finally, choose your Privacy options:

Choose whether anyone can join your club, or if members will need an invite to join. Private clubs don't show up in search results. And If you want, you can limit forums posts to only club admins.

Once the above options are completed, you can go ahead and click 'Create' and your club is ready to go!

How to disable a club

If you have stopped using your club and don't want it to be visible anymore, you can disable it in the club settings.

Go to your club's home page, then click 'my settings' in the right panel:

At the bottom of the list of options in the settings menu, click on 'Disable club'

This will disable the club, and it will no longer be visible to anyone. This can not be undone, unless you contact support with the exact name of your club.

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