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What is Practice?
What is Practice?
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Practice (used to be called drills) is a great way to improve your chess skills by... practicing! You can learn openings, endgames, study master games, or even practice against a custom position, all with Practice! Here's how:

In the left menu, hover over 'Learn' and click 'Practice':

This will take you to the Practice home page where you can choose what you want to practice.

Master games

Practice positions from famous games through history! Choose a game from the Classics, or from Championships, and play against the computer from famous positions.

Once you've chosen the game you want, you'll be given a position to practice:

Choose to play as white or black, and then choose the engine strength you'll play against, then click Practice! See if you can win the position like the master did!

If you want more, click on the 'Learn' tab to see a lesson related to the game you've chosen.


Tired of trying to practice openings against the bots, and they never play the right move? That's what Openings is for! Choose your opening, and your color, and practice all the lines you want against a bot that will always play the moves you need.

Choose your color and engine strength, then click Practice when you are ready!

If you want more, click on the 'Learn' tab to see a lesson related to the opening you've chosen.


Practice certain themes and positions until you've got them fully mastered! Drills will allow you to really nail that pawn structure or specific opening line.

Choose your color, engine strength, and click Practice!

Custom position

Practice a specific position of your choosing, with Custom Position.

Simply paste the FEN, or, add a position of your choosing or from one of your games.

Open any of your completed games in your archive, and in the info tab click on Practice vs Computer:

This way you can easily practice any position you need!

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