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How do I buy merch or chess equipment?
How do I buy merch or chess equipment?
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There are two stores, one for merch such as t-shirts and hats, and another for chess equipment, like boards and pieces.


Check out our store for shirts and hoodies featuring, Pro Chess League and more! To find the store, hover over ‘more’ on the left hand menu, and select ‘Merch’

Scroll through all the different options to find the perfect fit!

Refunds and shipping issues

Our shop is run by a third party, TeeSpring. If you have any issues with your purchase or with shipping, please contact TeeSpring customer support here!


If you want to buy chess boards or pieces or books and more, you can go to our House of Stuanton shop! Click on 'Shop' right above the Merch link in the image above. Or go here!

The same as with our merch shop, this is run by a third party, House of Staunton, and if there are any questions about the products or shipping, please reach out to with your concerns.

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