How can I change the language in my iOS app?

The app defaults to the language used on your iPhone. If you'd like to use the app in a different language than your phone uses, you can do so as long as your device is able to run iOS 13 or higher! Here are the steps…

1. Ensure that your phone is running the latest iOS version. To do this, visit Settings > General > Software Update. You will need iOS 13+ to change the language of each app individually.

2. Install multiple language capability on your iPhone via Settings > General > Language & Region. Select the language you'd like to use for the app; you can then determine the primary language on your iPhone.

3. Visit Settings again, and scroll down to Chess. Here, you will see the option to choose your "Preferred Language" for the app. 

Set the language to whatever you want, and you'll have Chess in that language! 
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