What is 'accuracy' in analysis? How is it measured?

At the end of a game after you run the analysis and look at the game report, you will see a score out of 100 for your accuracy that game. What does this mean? 

Your 'accuracy' is a measurement of how closely you played to what the computer has determined to be the best possible play. The closer you are to 100, the closer you are to 'perfect' play, as determined by the engine. 

'Accuracy' uses a statistical model to gather all of the player's moves together and then boil those down into a single number.  A bad blunder can drag the number down, and a brilliant move, or a lot of exact moves will bring it up. So this score is not necessarily a 1 for 1 match with the percentage of moves that match what the computer would have played. 
GM's regularly get accuracy in the high 90's. What's your best accuracy? 
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