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How do I choose what rating my opponents are?
How do I choose what rating my opponents are?
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If you are getting more high or low rated opponents than you want, you may want to adjust the rating range of your opponents.

How to adjust your rating range

To do this, you can hover over 'Play' in the left menu, then click on 'Play'.

Then, from there click on the settings gear icon at the top right of the board:

Or, you can also go to your settings and click on 'Live Chess'.

Applying your changes

Both options will open a menu of the Live Chess settings:

Click on the 'Play' tab and there you will see settings for Incoming and Outgoing challenges.

Incoming Challenges

Incoming are challenges people send to you, such as by clicking on your name and sending a challenge directly to you, which you can accept or not.

Outgoing Challenges

Outgoing are the challenges you send when you click on the 'play' button to find a match. This is the option you will want to change to affect your matching in live chess.

Setting the Rating Range

The ranges are always relative to your own rating. In the image above, the range is set to -150 and +150. This means that if you are rated 1200, you will only be matched with people between 1050 and 1350. If you win some games and your rating goes up to 1300, then you will be matched with people from 1150 to 1450.

Please Note

The narrower you set this rating range, the longer it can take to find a match. We do not advise setting either + or - to below 50.


You can adjust the rating range of the opponents you play against by choosing 'Custom' in the play options.

First, from your home screen tap 'New Game' then on the next screen tap 'More', and from the new options that appear, select 'Custom Game':

In the custom game menu you will see your rating in the center, then two boxes showing the rating range of opponents you will receive:

Tap each box to type in a new range. In the above example the player's rating is 1417, and they will be matched with opponents between 1217 (-200 from their own rating) and 1617 (+200) in rating.

When you are ready, tap ' play' to be matched with someone in your chosen range!

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