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How does Game Review work?
How does Game Review work?
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When you finish any game on, you’ll see a green ‘Game Review' button on the right of the screen:

If you click on ‘Game Review’ you will get a detailed analysis of the game you just played!

The game review will be in a window on the right side of the board, and shows many statistics about the game.

Game Graph: This graph shows who was ahead at what point during the progress of the game. After each move, the engine shows the evaluated position. After the game this graph shows the progress of that evaluation, and Coach gives you a short, one line description of how the game went!

In the above example, white was doing pretty good, but suddenly lost it in the end!

Accuracy: This number represents how accurate your moves were on a scale of 0-100. The more often you find the best move, the higher the score!

Move descriptors: Each of your moves fall into one of these categories

  • Brilliant - This was a difficult to find sacrifice which put you in a great position!

  • Great Move - This an important move that swings the course of the game, or is the only good move where any other move would have been trouble. Great find!

  • Best Move - The best move, according to the engine!

  • Excellent - A great move, but not quite the best!

  • Good - This move is okay, but could be better!

  • Book - An established opening move

  • Inaccuracy - This is a weak move that could be much better

  • Mistake - A bad move that immediately worsens your position

  • Blunder - A very bad move that could lose material or lose the game

  • Missed win - A move was missed that would have won material, or won the game

Let’s go over the features of the Review!

You can either start clicking or arrowing through the moves of the game, and see what the coach says about each move,

Or, you can click on 'Start Review' and be taken through all the key moves of the game!

Key Moves: After you click on Start Review, you will be taken to the first key move of the game, which is always the last book move:

Here you will see the status of your game after the end of the opening. You can see your stats on this particular opening, as well as other common moves in the position. Click 'Next Key Move' to continue on through your game review!

If a key move could have been better, you will have the opportunity to Retry,

Click on 'Show Line' to be shown the continuation of what the computer thinks will happen after your move. You can often see why the move is a blunder or mistake by looking at the computer line.

If you click on the orange 'Retry' button you can replay the position yourself, and try to find the best move. When you find the best move, you'll see what your positional score would have been,

Or, if you get it wrong, coach will analyze your chosen move and comment on that move, too!

Once you're done looking at the move, click 'Next' to go on to the next key move.

When you reach the end of the game review, the Coach will show you your adjusted accuracy (what your accuracy would have been if you had played all the 'retry' moves in the game) and then will suggest some puzzles and lessons for you based on your gameplay:

These suggestions are based on specific mistakes that were made during the game, and what situations arose.

After you've reviewed your side of the game, you can learn even more by looking at things from your opponent's view! Scroll back to the top of the moves list, and choose the opposite color from the dropdown:

Then you can review the game again, and see your opponent's great moves and mistakes!

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