How do I play an unrated game?

If you want to practice some games without worrying about your score, or if you want to play a friend who is much lower rated than you, you can play unrated games!

To play an unrated game, you can turn of the 'rated' toggle in the game settings. 

Hover your mouse over the 'play' icon in the left menuthen click on 'new game' OR click on 'Play' OR click on 'live chess' 

If you clicked on 'new game' or 'play,' then in the next menu, click on 'custom game' then make sure 'rated' is toggled off. This will make the game unrated, and no points will be gained or lost after the game is over. 

If you went to 'live chess' then you can also set your game to unrated by clicking on 'custom challenge'

Depending on the size of your browser window, you may need to scroll down to see the Custom Challenge option. 

In the next menu, make sure 'Unrated' is selected from the dropdown. 

Not as many members want to play unrated games, so if you are searching for a match (rather than directly challenging a friend) it may take a while to find you someone to play. 

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