How do I 'pass and play' on my mobile device? (iOS)

If you're with a friend in person and want to play chess together, but don't have a board, don't worry! As long as you have the app on your mobile device, you can play right there on the digital board!

Tap 'New Game' in the bottom of your home screen. Then tap 'More' to see additional options. From there, select Pass and Play! 

In the next screen you'll be able to choose from a list of options before you start the game: 

Type- You can choose between Standard, Chess960, a custom starting position. or a 'Key position.' Key position will let you choose from a list of premade positions, such as Two-Bishop mate, King and pawn vs king, and so on. 

Show best moves- Enable if you want to be shown a selection of good moves

Show threats- Enable if you want to be shown when a piece is under attack

Warn on mistakes- Enable to be warned if you are about to play a blunder

Board Flips- This will flip the board after each move. If you disable this, you will have to flip the board manually each move by tapping 'options' and then 'flip board' 

When you're ready, tap 'Play' and enjoy a game of chess in person, over a digital board!

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