Why can't I chat or post in forums?

If you’ve just joined chess.com, and notice you can’t access certain features, there could be a couple reasons why! 

Activate your account!

Accounts that have not been activated won’t be able to chat, or post in the forums! To activate your account, you must click the link in the activation email that was sent to you when you created the account! It will be sent to the email you used to sign up. 

If you did not receive this email, please contact support and let us know! We’ll get it taken care of! 

Play some games!

Chat will be disabled until you've played 10 games. This is to prevent people who will create accounts simply to post ad links or harass others. We want to make sure you're here to play chess! After you've played 10 games of any kind, chat will be unlocked.

Have you been muted? 

If you used to be able to post, and find that you are unable to, your account could be restricted. There are several things that can cause this. 

Spam-like messages: normal messages can sometimes trigger the site spam filter to mute your account. The most common reason this happens is sending the same message to many other members, or posting the same message on the profiles of other members. This can look like spam to our system and mute your account! Write into support if you think this has happened! 

Abusive or offensive language: Chess can be a very intense game, and sometimes it’s hard to resist giving your opponent a word or two. However, this kind of behavior is not tolerated on chess.com, and repeated offences can lead you your chat privileges being removed! If you think this is what happened, write into support and we can talk about it! 

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