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Why can't I chat or post in forums or change my avatar?
My opponent ran out of time. Why was it a draw?
How do I report a bug or make a suggestion?
Why was my password reset?
How do I fix my disconnect/lag issues?
I forgot my password. Can you help me remember?
I am a premium member! Why am I seeing ads?
What is a server restart? When do they happen?
What does it mean to 'abort' a game? How do I do it?
I just registered. Where is my activation email?
It says 'game abandoned' but I still had time on my clock! What's going on?
Why is my profile picture upside down or sideways?
What is lag forgiveness? (Why did the clocks suddenly change?)
I want to play my friend, but it says my rating is too low! What can I do?
How do I report a bad ad?
I'm having technical problems! What should I do?
Why can't I see all of my games history?
My app is saying 'cannot create your account' what can I do?
What computer am I playing against?
What is lag in live chess?
How can I optimize my online chess performance?
What does 'invalid login token detected' mean?
How do I update my browser?
Why am I limited to only three puzzles per day?
I can't click on the board, what should I do?
How do I Screenshot and Screen Record?
How do I turn off sound?
Why doesn't my avatar show?
How do I clear my browser cache?
What does "the challenge page was accidentally cached" mean? How do I fix it?
How do I fix slowness in live chess?
I can't see the board! What should I do?
Why aren't I getting email alerts?
My daily amount of puzzles didn't reset, what's going on?
How can I fix freezing or other issues on my Android app?
Why can't I connect to when other sites are working fine?