How do I Put a Game or Puzzle in a Forum Post? allows users to insert their own puzzles or games into forum posts and blog posts! This can be a fun way to give daily puzzles to your club, or to discuss a game. Here’s how: 

In the option bar above the text box on a forum or blog post, click the game board icon 

This will take you to a game board where you can add your puzzle or game! 

There are several options of what you can do, listed on the right. 

1. Start making moves! If you want, you can just grab the pieces and start making moves on the board, and the moves will be recorded! When you are done, click ‘insert’ at the bottom right, and the sequence you played out will be added to your post for others to look at. 

2. Load a position or game! If you already have a position or game you want to share, you can load a FEN, PGN or a URL by using the options on the right side of the board.

If you want to set the puzzle up yourself, but don’t want to play through a bunch of moves to get there, you can select ‘setup position’ and put whatever pieces you want on the board. Clicking ‘setup position’ gives the following menu: Add pieces by dragging them onto the board, or remove pieces by dragging them off the board on the right side. You can also clear the whole board by clicking the "trash" icon, then you’ll be able to add whichever pieces you need, wherever you need them by dragging them onto the board. 

3. Play the moves! Once you’ve set the board up how you want it, click on ‘moves’ and play out the moves that will solve your puzzle. 

4. Details and theme! If you want, you can add the details of where the game or puzzle came from, and choose a theme for the board and pieces. If you are inserting a puzzle you must check the ‘puzzle’ option under ‘theme’, or the board will not work!  

5. Insert! When you are all ready, click insert and the game or puzzle will be inserted into your post! Finish writing your post, submit it, and other people reading the forum will be able to interact with your game or puzzle!

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