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How can I play a game from a custom position?
How can I play a game from a custom position?
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There are two ways to play from a custom position. You can either pick from a book opening (Ruy Lopez, Scotch game, etc, anything in our opening library!) or make your own custom setup.

Pick a book opening

On the left menu, click 'Play'

Then select 'custom'

Next, click on 'Random' to instead choose your opponent. You can NOT play odds/custom position games against a random opponent, and must choose who you are sending the challenge to. Click on 'Random' to instead choose your opponent.

Next, click where it says 'Standard' and change it to 'Custom Position / Odds'

The default choice is 'auto balance' for an odds game. Click there, and change it to either Book Opening, Set up Position, or FEN

Be sure that the rated toggle is off, then you will be able to see the 'setup' dropdown.

If you select 'book opening' you'll be able to choose from any of a hundred different openings:

​Whatever opening you pick, the game will start with those moves already played!

Create your own setup

If you want to create your OWN setup, you can choose 'Setup Position' , and move the pieces however you want them.

Simply move pieces around on the board, you can drag them off the board to remove them, or drag pieces from the upper right on to the board to add pieces.

Select from the dropdown whether White or Black has the first move.

If White or Black has castled in this setup, check the appropriate square (O-O, or O-O-O)

When you've got the board how you want it, click 'Load' and this is now your setup for the game challenge!

Load from FEN

Select FEN from the dropdown, and you can enter a FEN to load a position right away! If you've created a setup before, you can save the FEN to save time when using that setup again.

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