I just won a game, why didn't I get any League trophies?

Not all games will get you points in your League division! 

Here are the requirements for a game to earn you League trophies: 

  • Your game MUST be standard chess, or chess960. No other variants will count!
  • Your game MUST be at least 1 minute time control! No 30 second hyper bullet games! 
  • Your game MUST use one of the standard time controls, no custom time controls! 
  • Your game MUST be an auto-match or a rematch, no direct challenges! 
  • Only 3 games per opponent per day will count, your 4th game against the same opponent in a 24 hour period will not get you league points! 
  • Your game MUST be rated. Unrated games do not count!
  • Your game MUST be a live game (bullet, blitz, rapid), Daily games do not count! 
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