What are the different club roles?

Clubs are a great way to meet new players with your same interests, and to participate in club matches, vote chess, and more! There are several roles with different abilities you can use to manage your club. 

Club Roles


A coordinator can create a Club Match, create a Club Tournament, or start a new Vote Chess. Coordinators do not have the ability to promote, ban, add or otherwise manage members. 

Below are the club management options a Coordinator has:


The Admin role has all the abilities of the Coordinator, plus can write News posts, and invite, ban, demote and promote members (Admins can not promote to Super Admin, and can not ban or demote Super Admins. See this article for steps on replacing an inactive super admin

See the Admin club management options below: 

Super Admin 

The Super Admin has all the abilities of the Admin and Coordinator, in addition they can edit the club, remove closed accounts, and promote other users to Super Admins. The member who created the club is the first Super Admin, and the only one who can create other Super Admins. All Super Admins have the ability to demote and remove other Super Admins! So be careful who you choose to promote! 

See the Super Admin club management options below:

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