How does the Game Report Analysis work?

When you finish any game on, you’ll see a ‘game report’ button on the right of the screen, and some details on how your game went

If you click on the green ‘game report’ button, you will get a detailed analysis of the game you just played! 

The game report will be on the right side of the board, and shows many statistics about the game.

Let’s go over the features of the game report! 

Key Moments: Here you can review the key moments in your game! These are the moments where the balance shifted, for better or worse, based on one key move:

If a key move could have been better, you will have the opportunity to Retry. If you click on 'retry' you can replay the position and try to find the best move.  Read more about Key Moments here.

Accuracy: This  number represents how accurate your moves were compared to the computer, on a scale of 0-100. The more often you find the best move, the higher the score! 

Move descriptors: Each of your moves fall into one of these categories

  • Brilliant - This move not only was the best move but was difficult to find, even for the engine! Good job! 
  • Best Move - The best move, according to the engine!
  • Excellent - A great move, but not quite the best!
  • Good - This move is okay, but could be better!
  • Book -  An established opening move
  • Inaccuracy - This is a weak move that could be much better
  • Mistake - A bad move that immediately worsens your position
  • Blunder - A very bad move that could lose material or lose the game
  • Missed win - A move was missed that would have won material, or won the game

Game Graph: This graph shows who was ahead at what point during the progress of the game. After each move, the engine shows the evaluated position. After the game this graph shows the progress of that evaluation, and gives you a short, one line description of how the game went!

In the above example, white was ahead briefly in the opening, then black took the lead and kept it until the end!

Personalized Training: Based on the analysis of each individual game, there will be several suggestions for tactics themes, and lessons that you can take to improve your game. These are based on specific mistakes that were made during the game, and what situations arose. 

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