How do I play Vote Chess?

To play Vote Chess, hover over 'More' in the left menu (three dots icon) and click 'Vote Chess' 

This will take you to the Vote Chess page, where you can see any ongoing games that any of your Clubs are taking part in. You can hop in and make a vote at any point in the game. 

Once time is up, votes are tallied up and the move with the most votes is made on the board. 

You are allowed to discuss the entire game in the forums. 

It is OK to discuss opening lines found in game databases (including win/draw/loss statistics) and strategies for using opening databases in club forums.

Depending on how the game creator set up the rules, in some games the other votes will be shown BEFORE you make a move, and in other games you will not see the other votes until AFTER you have moved.


If you are the Admin of a club, you can create or accept a votechess challenge. 

To see the open seeks created by other clubs, click on 'open seeks' on the right menu: 

You can also click 'Create New' to create your own open challenge for a vote chess game

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