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How many points do I get for winning? How do I know?
How many points do I get for winning? How do I know?
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If you win, you gain points. If you draw, you sometimes gain or lose points. But what about when you lose? How many points do you lose, and how can you tell?

The rating adjustment for your game doesn't have to be a mystery! You can know as soon as the game is accepted! Let's dive into the details of how to see the exact points you'll gain or lose in Live and Daily chess.

Live Chess Rating Adjustment

In Live chess, as soon as the game starts you'll see a message in the chat telling you exactly what will happen if you win, draw or lose:

No more wondering! Whether you win by checkmate, or timeout, lose by resignation, or because you disconnected, the points listed in this message will always be the result.

Daily Chess Rating Adjustment

In Daily chess you can see the win/draw/lose points by clicking on the Info tab, and then clicking on Rating Adjustment:

NOTE: since Daily games are unrated until 4 moves have been played, you will not see this rating adjustment until the 4th move has been played.

For more information on why your rating will change by that specific amount, please see this article: How do ratings work on

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