How do the time controls work in Live Chess?

Games on Live Chess are always timed, and there are a big variety of time controls, and custom controls!

Two numbers describe the time control:

  • the first number is how many minutes you have to make all of your moves. 5 |
  • the second is how many bonus seconds you get for every move you make. | 5

So a time of 5 | 5 means five minutes for the game + 5 seconds of time added to your clock after each move you make.

Another example:

18 | 10 represents an 18 minute game, with 10 seconds bonus time per move. So if you make six moves really quickly, those 10 seconds add up to an additional minute on your overall time.

If you like, you can have a game with no bonus time at all:  18 | 0 is an 18-minute game (no bonus).

Please click here for a description of how these time controls relate to Live ratings 

Daily time controls are different! See here! 

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