What kind of content can I stream or post?

We love seeing content and streams from our community, and one of the most fun parts of playing chess is sharing your greatest victories and achievements with the world! However, we ask that you keep within certain guidelines when streaming or making content using Chess.com's platform. 

Respect the brand!

Do not create the impression that Chess.com is a sponsor or is endorsing your content. Do not create any materials that are similar to Chess.com logos or trademarks. Don't modify Chess.com assets without our permission. 

Online content only!

Don't manufacture or distribute (free or otherwise) physical items (such as t-shirts or hats or etc) that have the Chess.com logo or other assets, unless you have a separate written agreement with Chess.com allowing you to do so. 

No rule-breaking content! 

Do not use Chess.com assets in any content that: 

  • promotes cheating or explains how to cheat
  • makes defamitory or dishonest statements about Chess.com
  • promotes account selling
  • contains information that is not yet public
  • contains sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities
  • contains other objectionable content such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, weapons, or political ads
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