How do I start a new Live Chess game?

From the home page, hover over your avatar on the left and then click 'live chess'

Once you enter Live Chess, to the left of the Seek Graph you will see a button that says "Play" Click on that to create a new challenge and be automatically matched to someone near your rating! 

The drop-down Time Control button (the one that says '5 min' in the image above) allows you to choose from our preset time controls, or create your own. All time controls are sorted into three live chess ratings, Standard, Blitz and Bullet (see here for details).

Once you've set up the game, click the Play button and you will be matched with someone else who wants to play the same time setting.

If you change your mind, you can click the "cancel" - but only before someone accepts!

You can also abort a rated game before you've made your first move, and it won't affect your ratings.  (Please don't make a habit of this!)

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