I am a premium member! Why am I seeing ads?

Please note that all members will occasionally see relevant (chess-related) advertising on the Chess.com main page, and some other pages, which promote certain events (such as a banner about the Speed Chess Championship or other tournaments, for example,) or which advertise our other products and integrations, such as ChessKid, Dr Wolf Teaches Chess, Chessable, and so on.   

Premium members will never see any banner ads created by other companies via Google ads. 

An example of something a premium member may see: 

Links to Chessable and Aimchess, some features of which require a membership fee not included in your Chess.com membership.

Something a premium member will NEVER see:

Ads for the products of other companies, hosted by Google Ads, inserted into the page. 

If you have just purchased your membership and are still seeing these kinds of ads, please sign out and back in and the ads should be gone. 

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