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Why should I pay for Premium on
Why should I pay for Premium on
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What does a Premium membership get you that you can't get on other sites for free? It's a great question, and one we are proud to answer! There are a lot of chess sites out there, but's Premium memberships are worth the price!

Here are a few of the top reasons to get your chess fix with's premium membership:'s puzzles are the best, anywhere

There may be other sites out there with puzzles for you to solve. Some of them may even have a lot of puzzles. But none of them can match the sheer volume and quality of's puzzles.

More puzzles has over half a million puzzles and we are adding close to 1000 new puzzles every day. This is several times more puzzles than any other single site out there, all in one place! And at the rate we are adding puzzles, you'll always have fresh ones to solve.

Better puzzles

Not only do we have more puzzles than anyone, our puzzles are simply better. This is because we have designed our puzzle-finding algorithm to search specifically for puzzles that are satisfying to solve.

You may have noticed on other sites that often the solution to a puzzle seems obscure or doesn't make sense right away. Not so on Our puzzles are specifically chosen to give you that 'aha!' moment when you solve it. Each puzzle should give you that satisfying 'yes! of course!' feeling when you figure it out. No other site can match the consistently satisfying feeling of solving our puzzles.

Customizable experience

No other site can match the customizable, directed learning experience of solving our puzzles in learning mode.

Each of our puzzles is tagged with categories and themes, meaning you can search for and solve puzzles specific to the areas that you personally need to improve. Do you have trouble seeing forks? You can choose to play only puzzles that involve forks in our easy to use theme selection menu:

Select one or more themes to practice. You can even select a rating range, or choose specifically to practice puzzles you got wrong before. No other puzzle site can match the flexibility and usefulness for training and increasing your chess skills.'s post-game analysis is better (and faster)

Other sites may offer computer analysis, but at, you get more than just Stockfish telling you the best move.

More than just computer lines

Our game report provides interpretation and insight into the analysis.

Each game report provides unique suggestions for puzzle themes to practice, and lessons to take, based on your individual game.

Our game report will highlight the key moments in your game where the tide turned (for better or worse) and will allow you the chance to retry the key moves and correct your mistakes.

Each game report comes with an Accuracy score called CAPS (Computer Aggregated Precision Score) which is a quick way to know, based on a score out of 100 points, how well you played that game. This will allow you, at a glance, to get an idea of your performance that game. Even as a beginner, you can get a high score, because the scoring takes into account how you reacted to your opponent's play, not to hypothetical perfect play.

Our analysis is faster and deeper

Compared to other sites,'s servers are much better equipped to handle the tens of thousands of requests for analysis that come in. On you will only have to wait a few seconds for your analysis to load, compared to near a minute on other sites.

If you want to go deeper on a specific position, you can use Cloud Analysis and drill down to unlimited depth in the position, using the power of our own servers on the cloud to crunch the lines and find the perfect move. No other site can analyse at the depth and speed of's Lessons are unlike any other site

Many other sites may offer free 'lessons' but theirs are nothing like's lessons.

More than just videos

These are not simple videos of lectures that you can find on YouTube. You will not be watching hour long videos of someone standing in front of a class. Each lesson is crafted to teach a specific concept, and comes with a series of problems to test your understanding of the content.

The questions are not simply a series of positions to solve. Each move comes with an explanation, and if you get an answer wrong, you will be told why, just as by a real life instructor.

Professionally designed Lessons were created by a team of chess masters, professional chess instructors, and amateur chess enthusiasts all working together to create as personal and relatable an experience as possible.

Input from all levels of play was taken into account in the lesson creation, ensuring that there is content that is relatable to everyone from beginner to expert.

The lessons are not just about Master level games. Lessons include examples from lower level tournament games, lesser known games, and even amateur and beginner games from a wide variety of playing strengths. The lessons will grow with you. As you increase in skill and move from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, to Master, the lessons will become more complex and deep. At the Master level, you'll hear from many grandmasters sharing their secrets to success!

With lessons, you'll get more than just technical information. Many lessons are about emotional and psychological tips to help you enjoy the process, not just the result of the win.


The lessons are searchable by theme. You can go through the lessons in the order they are presented, or search for a specific type of lessons that were recommended from analysis of your games.

You can follow our designed path, or pick which lessons you need in the moment with our search function, learn in your own way!

Proven to work

In a study of 400 players who tracked their progress with lessons, even after accounting for the natural experience of playing games, all the players in the study improved their Rapid and Blitz rating.

Working through the's lessons WILL improve your game, and you won't find similar quality lessons on any other site.

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