Can I take back a bad move?

You can... but only if you're playing a "Takeback" game in Daily Chess!  (There are no take-backs in Live Chess.)

Takeback games are always unrated, and provide a great tool for learners and for those willing to act as guides.  Here's how to set one up:

On the click "Play" from the left menu, then and then Custom Match to see the options. 

Be sure you have selected a Daily Game (1 day or more per  move) or you will not see these options:

You must turn OFF the 'rated' toggle before you will be able to see the Allow Takebacks option

Once you have turned on Allow Takebacks, you can click 'Play' at the very bottom to find your match or send your challenge! 

In a Takeback game, a special "Takeback" icon appears under the Move list. 

Either player can click "Takeback" at any time:

  • When it is your move, clicking "takeback" undoes your opponent's previous move; it is their turn again. (Use the chat feature to tell your opponent why you think they should try something different.)
  • When it's not your move, clicking "takeback" will undo your previous move; it is now your turn again.

If the information in this article is out of date or incorrect, or if you have questions about it, please let us know! 


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