Can I take back a bad move?

You can... but only if you're playing a "Takeback" game in Daily Chess!  (There are no take-backs in Live Chess.)

Takeback games are always unrated, and provide a great tool for learners and for those willing to act as guides.  Here's how to set one up:

On the Daily Chess page, select "Play" and then Custom Match to see the options. 

Set the game to Unrated by turning off the switch next to "Rated." 

A new option to allow takebacks will appear. Enable this option by clicking on the switch.

In a Takeback game, a special "Takeback" icon appears under the Move list. 

Either player can click "Takeback" at any time:

  • When it is your move, clicking "takeback" undoes your opponent's previous move; it is their turn again. (Use the chat feature to tell your opponent why you think they should try something different.)
  • When it's not your move, clicking "takeback" will undo your previous move; it is now your turn again.


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