How can I play the computer from a custom position?

Did you encounter an interesting position in a recent game, and want to try out some alternatives versus the computer? Or maybe you have a strange position you invented that you’d like to see how the computer would react to? You can set up the board to any position you like, and then play from that position against the computer! 

There are a few ways to play versus the computer: 

Play from a position in one of your games

Maybe you’re opponent resigned early, or you wish you’d made a different move and want to see how it would have gone. Here’s how to find out! 

Open the game and go to the point where you’d like to start playing against the computer. 

Once you’re in the game you want, click on the ‘computer analysis’ button: 

Advance the game to the desired move, then click on the ‘finish versus computer’ button

You will then be able to play the game from that point, but versus the computer! 

Play from a common opening

Maybe you want to practice versus the computer, but want to practice against a specific opening. How to get the computer to lay that opening? You can! Here’s how:

Go into ‘openings’ and find the opening you want to practice, and click on it.

From inside the opening description, click on the ‘computer’ icon, and this will start a game with the computer with you as white, and your move. 

If you want to play as black, click the ‘flip board’ icon before you make a move:

Play from a setup you created

Another way you can play the computer is to set up the board in any way you want! Go to analysis: 

Then, from within the analysis board, click on ‘setup’ 

You will now be able to drag and drop pieces onto or off of the board, to create any position you like--even impossible ones! 

When you’re ready, click the ‘finish versus computer’ button to see how the computer reacts to whatever position you made up!

Just play! 

The last way to play versus the computer is to just play! You can start a game versus our computer by going to ‘play’ and then ‘computer’ 

This computer will allow you to analyse moves and take back moves, or change sides at will! 

If you want to instead play live chess with a Rated computer (bot), then you should go to ‘play’ then ‘live chess’ and select ‘vs Computer’ 

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