How do I explore my own games?

If you're searching for a specific game you played, or for all the games you played with a certain opening, you can find them by using the game explorer on your own games! 

From the left menu, hover over 'Play' then click 'Archive'

This will take you to your game archive, a complete list of all the games you've ever played! 

To the right of the games list, you'll see a bunch of options for searching through the games:

My Games: You are searching your own games, but if you want, you can change this to 'other's games' and input a username to search their games.

All Recent Games: By default, you will be looking at all  your games, with most recent games listed first. You can change this to 'Daily games' or 'Live games' to see only those game types.

Result: Filter your search results by win, lose or draw, or any of the various types of wins, losses or draws.

Opponent: Put a member's username here to search for only games with that member.

Openings: Search for all games you played with a specific opening! 'Uncommon opening' will find any openings that don't fit a named opening on the list. 

Color: Search for only games where you played black or white.

Match Type: Here you can search for Tournament games or Team Match games.

Newest: If you want to see your oldest games listed first, change this to oldest.

Rated + Unrated: If you want to see only rated or only unrated games, change this accordingly.

Start date/End date: Put a date range here to only see games that were played during that time. 

Rating Range: Specify a rating range to see only games where your opponent's rating was in that range. This only applies to your opponent's rating. 

Once you've made all your choices, click 'search' and you'll have a list of games to brows through! 

Click 'reset' to clear all the fields and create a new search!

Note: The search results will show a maximum of 100 pages of games. If you want to see games that aren't on the first 100 pages, you'll need to change your search to get fewer results. 

If you want to download PGNs of the games you find, check the box at the top of the list, and then click the download icon! See more about downloading and PGNs here! 

To see the steps in this article for Android click here and for iOS click here. 

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, or if you have questions about it, please let us know! 

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