What are Drills?

Drills are a different kind of lessons where you can practice all the concepts you've learned in the Lessons section. 

To get to Drills, hover over 'Puzzles' in the left menu, then click 'Drills' 

You will have a lot of options on what Drills to use!: 

The first one, two or more drills for each type are available to basic members, all premium membership levels have access to all drills. 

Select what category you want to learn in, and choose a drill! 

Drills are different from lessons in that they do not have accompanying videos, they are not about learning a new concept but about putting the concepts into practice. In lessons, you learned how to do the Two Rook Mate, now put it into practice in the Drill! 

Each drill is played against a computer coach which will let you know how good your move was, and what the best move was each time. 

As always when playing against the computer, you can undo any move and try again. All Drills are unrated, and are for learning purposes! 

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