How can I draw arrows on the board like streamers do?

If you have every watched a chess video on YouTube, or chess streamers on ChessTV, you have probably seen them drawing orange arrows on their screen to explain their moves. 

How do they do that? It's easy! And it is a feature everyone on can use. 

How to draw arrows on your board

You can do this on any board automatically, except in Live chess. To enable this option in Live chess, click on the gear icon next to the board: 

Then toggle the switch to draw arrows and highlights. Don't forget to click save!

You can also find this option in your account settings under the Live Chess settings.


To draw an arrow simply right-click and drag your mouse across the board in the direction you want the arrow to point. Please see here for how to right-click on a Mac if you don't have a two button mouse!

To draw a knight's move arrow, click and drag over the squares you want the arrow to cover. When you let go of the right mouse button the arrow will appear. The point of the arrow will be wherever you let go of your mouse button. 


The default arrow is yellow, but you can also hold Ctrl to draw a red arrow, hold Alt to draw a blue arrow, or hold Shift to draw a green arrow.

Try it on any board on to practice!

You can also highlight squares by right clicking. Similar to arrows, you can choose to highlight in red, green, yellow or blue color. But in the case of squares, the default color is red. 

Right click on the square to turn it red

Control+Right click on the square to turn it yellow

Alt+Right click on the square to turn it blue

Shift+Right click on the square to turn it green

To clear all arrows and colors from the board, simply left click anywhere on the board. 

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