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How do I change my background, board, and pieces?
How do I change my background, board, and pieces?
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You can customize the color of your board, the kind of pieces you use, the background, and even the sounds the pieces make, all by clicking on the settings gear on the bottom left of the page, and clicking 'Theme' or 'Board And Pieces' in the settings menu:

This will allow you to set what style of pieces you want, and choose the board color from drop-down lists.

You can also decide where you want the coordinates (or disable them) and what type of notation, annotation, and more.

When adjusting the piece style and board color, you will see a preview of what your board and pieces will look like in the image to the right of the options.

When you have decided on your options, be sure to click SAVE to put the changes into action.

Theme offers a large selection of pre-made themes, which will set a new background while you play chess (and which other people will see when looking at your profile page) as well as preset board and pieces combinations, and move sounds.

Scroll through the themes to see if you like any of them, or click on 'Custom' to create your own theme from the available backgrounds and board and pieces options.

Try out all the options to find the ones you like for your own custom theme!

If you later want to change your board or pieces without editing your custom theme, you can simply go back to 'Board and Pieces' and change the board or pieces there. This will keep your same background and move sounds, but change how the board and/or pieces look. You can go back to themes and re-enable your custom theme later if you want!

πŸ“ If you are not getting the option to set a custom background, this might be because your account has been muted or is otherwise restricted. If this is your case, please contact support for assistance.


Try out some of the many themes available on your mobile device! First, tap 'More' in the bottom right, then tap on 'Theme':

Choose from 26 different pre-made themes! Or, create your own by choosing 'Custom' at the top of the themes list.

You can choose which background, pieces, board and sounds you want! For the background, you can even use your own image that you have on your device!

Mix and match pieces, backgrounds, boards, and sounds until you find the combination perfect for your tastes!

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