What happens to accounts that are violating community policies?

Members who are abusive, spamming, trolling or otherwise breaking the community policies listed here, may have action taken against them in various ways, up to being permanently banned from the site. 

Depending on the severity of the member's actions, first time offenders are often sent a warning to remind them of the rules, and let them know that their behavior is not allowed. Most members, after being warned, will stop the behavior. 

Repeat offenders, or extreme first time offenders will be muted (have their chat, messaging, and forum posting abilities taken away) for anywhere from a few days, to permanently, or may have their account closed. 

If you witness or experience inappropriate behavior, please report the person! If the member is bothering you personally, you may also block them from interacting with you. 

If we take action against an account that you reported, you may see an email that looks something like this: 

If a member you played against is closed for abuse, you will see an Icon next to their name in your archive: 

We strive to keep Chess.com a friendly place where anyone can play, even kids! If you see inappropriate behavior we encourage you to report it, and greatly appreciate your help in keeping our community a welcoming place for all! 

If the information in this article is out of date, incorrect, or unclear, please let us know!

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