How do I change what kinds of moves are highlighted in analysis?

The different kinds of moves, such as Mistakes, or Blunders, or Best move all have different color coding in analysis. But not all of them are visible by default. How can you change what kinds of  moves you see? 

By default, only Blunders, Mistakes, Missed wins, and Inaccuracies are colored, because usually these are the moves people are most interested in finding when they analyse their games. 

If you want to see your good moves, or even your opponents good moves highlighted, click on the settings gear in the upper right. (Marked in the above image)

In the next menu, click on the interface tab: 

The 'eye' icons in the above image are grey and crossed out for the Brilliant, Best, Excellent, Good and Book moves. To enable these, simply click on the eye icon. 

You can even enable these for your opponent's moves! Here you can see the full spectrum of colors with all the eye's turned on: 

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