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What is 'Cloud Analysis' and how do I use it?
What is 'Cloud Analysis' and how do I use it?
Updated over a week ago

After you've run a game report on a game and are looking at the moves, you may be extra interested in a particular move or moves in the game. If so, you may want to try a special feature for Diamond members, Cloud Analysis.

How to use cloud analysis

You can find the Cloud Analysis button at the top of the analysis options, next to the 'depth' count.

If you click the Cloud Analysis button, it will turn off the depth limit for that particular move, and start looking further and further ahead. Cloud analysis will keep looking as long as you let it run. It can take you really deep if you let it keep going!

As you can see in the above image, even though the depth is set to 20, Max Analysis was turned on for this move, so the engine looked 99 moves deep to find the best possible move!

Cloud Analysis can take several minutes or more, depending on your computer, to reach the end of the analysis for each move, and must be turned on for each move individually.

You may also choose which engine to use when running Cloud Analysis. Click on the settings gear next to the depth (seen in the image above) to open the analysis settings menu:

Here you can choose which engine to use when Cloud Analysis is enabled.

Cloud Analysis is a great way to avoid having analysis take a long time, while focusing on specific key moves to investigate. Try it out on your next game!

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