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Why was my password reset?
Why was my password reset?
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There are several possible reasons why you may receive a notification from that your password was reset. If you believe your password was changed by someone other than or that someone is trying to access your account, please contact support for further info.

You changed the password in your settings

We will notify you when your password is changed in your profile settings. If you recently changed your own password, you can ignore the notification. If you did not change your own password, please contact us immediately. support changed your password

If you have been locked out of your account, and were recently in contact with support and they reset the password for you, you will see a password change notification.

Your account was vulnerable, attacked, or compromised.

The support team proactively monitors and may detect that there were attempts to access your account using passwords stolen from other websites that have been posted online (such as In this case may take action to secure your account and protect you by resetting your password.

You had no password set on your account, and other login methods were not working

If you had no password set on your account (for example, you use Facebook or Google to sign in) and your other sign in method is not working (for example, you deleted your Facebook account, or there is an error causing Facebook logins not to work) may set a password on your account to help you log in.

Other rare scenarios

There are a few other unlikely scenarios where your password may be reset. If none of the above scenarios seems to fit, and you are unsure about your password reset, please contact support for further info.

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