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How can I change my username?
How can I change my username?
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If you would like to change your username but keep your current account, here's how!


Click on the 'settings' gear icon in the lower left corner of any page on, or click here.

In the next menu, you will see your profile on the right side. Next to your username, there will be an option to 'change' which you can click on to change your username:

Please choose carefully as members can only change their username once every 90 days!

If your username is taken already, you will see a notice that it's not available:

NOTE: You will not be able to change your username if you are in Live Chess in another window. If you are unable to change your username, close all other tabs and try again!

Username Requirements

Please note that usernames are a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 20 and you cannot have any spaces or dots in the name, nor any special characters like ^&*!"£$%()+=?/\|

Usernames can be either one whole word, or use a dash (-) or underscore(_) as a separator.

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