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What are the different chess titles?
What are the different chess titles?
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If you've been playing on for a while, you've probably seen several players with some red letters next to their name like GM or IM. What do these mean?

These letters are titles that chess players can earn from FIDE (the International Chess Federation) by playing in chess tournaments. You can read more about their titles here.

The titles that acknowledges are listed below:

GM - Grandmaster

WGM - Woman Grandmaster

IM - International Master

WIM - Woman International Master

FM - FIDE Master

NM - National Master

CM - FIDE Candidate Master

WFM - Woman FIDE Master

WCM - Woman FIDE Candidate Master

These titles are generally earned through a long process of success in tournaments.

Players will often display these titles next to their name with pride, and they stand as a testament to the player’s achievements.

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