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How do I get my title added to my profile?
How do I get my title added to my profile?
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If you are a titled player, you can submit a Titled Player Identification Form to request that your title and lifetime diamond membership are added to your account! Click HERE to get started!

In order for us to approve your account, you will need to submit the following:

  • A picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with today's date and "" written on it.

  • A digital image of government issued identification

  • A copy of your FIDE or National Master title certificate, as applicable

    • In lieu of the title certificate, we would also accept an alternate government-issued photo identification document or any other supporting evidence you can provide (such as social media profiles, articles from newspapers or the internet, or any other form of media).

You may also be asked to provide the following information:

  • A link to your FIDE and/or national federation profile

  • Confirmation regarding any other accounts on the site

  • Confirmation of what type of account you would like (public or anonymous)

In order to speed up the processing of your request, we would encourage you to provide as much information as possible on the application form itself.

We would also strongly suggest providing as high quality images as possible. For the selfie, please use the following image of Danny as a reference photo:

Note that there are a number of additional rules for titled player accounts to be aware of: What are the rules for titled player accounts?

You are only allowed two accounts*:

  • One public account

  • One anonymous account

*A third account for streaming purposes (speed runs) is permitted, BUT may only be made available upon request.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a titled player, we would suggest reading the following article: Does offer benefits for elite or titled players?

If you have any further questions, we would welcome you to contact the team directly via email at Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support team here.

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