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How do I view my own games?
How do I view my own games?
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Searching for a specific game you played, or all the games you played with a certain opening is quick and easy with the game archive.

Follow the steps below to begin searching:

Open the Game Archive

From the left menu, hover over 'Play' then click 'Archive'. This will take you to your game archive, a complete list of all the games you've ever played.

Use the Game Explorer

To the right of the games list, you'll see a bunch of options for searching through the games:

Once you've made all your choices, click 'Search' and you'll have a list of games to browse through. Click 'Reset' to clear all the fields and create a new search.

πŸ“ The search results will show a maximum of 100 pages of games. If you want to see games that aren't on the first 100 pages, you'll need to change your search to get fewer results.

Download PGNs

If you want to download PGNs of the games you find, check the box at the top of the list, and then click the download icon! See more about downloading and PGNs here!

Visit the following links to see the steps in this article for Android click here and for iOS click here.


To search your archives on the mobile app, scroll down to the very bottom of your homepage, and tap on 'Game Archive':

On the next screen, you will be able to scroll down through all your games, more games will load as you scroll down. Or, if you want to search for specific games, tap on the magnifying glass:

The magnifying glass will bring up a new menu where you can decide which kind of games you want to see:

Tap the options to decide what kinds of games you want to see. In the above example, this will show only Daily games won as black. When you have made your choices, tap on 'Search' to see the list of games!

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