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How do I play an unrated game?
How do I play an unrated game?
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If you want to practice some games without worrying about your score, or if you want to play a friend who is much lower rated than you, you can play unrated games!

To play an unrated game, you can turn of the 'rated' toggle in the game settings.

Hover your mouse over 'play' in the left menu, then click on 'Play'

In the next menu, click on 'custom'

then make sure 'rated' is toggled off. This will make the game unrated, and no points will be gained or lost after the game is over.

Then click 'Play' to send out an unrated challenge!

Please note: Not as many members want to play unrated games, so if you are searching for a match (rather than directly challenging a friend) it may take a while to find you someone to play.


To play an unrated game on the mobile app, simply tap 'new game' and then 'more' then 'custom'

Then, toggle the 'rated' switch to off:

You can then choose your opponent by tapping where it says 'Random' and choosing your opponent, or tap 'Play' to find a match with someone who also wants to play unrated, or send the challenge link to a friend!

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