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What happens to accounts that violate community policies?
What happens to accounts that violate community policies?

Learn about how takes action on abusive behavior.

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Your report is important to us, and we thoroughly investigate abusive behavior to ensure remains a fun, safe, and fair platform for everyone. 

Our approach to abuse

Members who engage in abusive behavior, spam, trolling, or violate our community policies listed here may face various consequences.

For first-time offenders, we usually issue a warning to remind them of the rules and let them know their behavior is unacceptable. Most members stop the behavior after receiving a warning. 

Repeat offenders or those with severe violations may receive the following:

  • Temporary or permanent restrictions from chat, messaging, and posting on forums

  • Profile editing restrictions

  • Account closure

  • A permanent ban 

How to report someone

If you witness or experience inappropriate behavior, please report it! 

If the member is bothering you personally, you may also block them from interacting with you.

What happens when a member is reported?

If we take action against an account that you reported, you may receive a message in your inbox that looks something like this:

If a member you played against is closed for abuse, you will see  next to their name in your archive:

Mutes are not visible to others, so you won't be able to tell if a member is currently muted. However, this doesn't mean no action has been taken against the account!

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