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How do I send a message?
How do I send a message?
Updated over a week ago has a messaging system that works much like email. You can send a message through your inbox, or by clicking on a user's name and selecting the message icon. ( If you want to chat with someone with an instant messenger, see here!)

When you click on the message icon, you'll open a window where you can type a message:

Here you can type a quick message, click send, and the message will appear in that user's inbox.

If you want to send a more involved message, with formatting, and insert images, or other such things, you will need to write the message in your inbox. You can go to your inbox by clicking on the envelope icon in the above image.

You can also access your inbox by hovering over the logo and then clicking 'messages'

To send a new message from your inbox

In your inbox, you will see the option to send a new message at the top of your list of messages:

You will be given a text box to type a new message into:

The icons above the text box are buttons that allow you to insert a game or diagram, insert an image, add smileys/emojis, bold or italicize, and add or remove hyperlinks.

Type into the Search Members box to find the person you want to message, click on their name when you see it:

Type your message and click 'send' when you're ready to go!

If you already have sent or received a message from someone, you don't need to click 'new message' and can simply open the existing message and type and send a reply from there.

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