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What is Guest Play? I can play without an account?
What is Guest Play? I can play without an account?
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If you don't have an account on yet, or want to play a game anonymously with no account attached, you can try our Guest Play!

Step 1: Sign Out of

First, make sure you are signed out of If you don't have an account, this will be your default state!

Step 2: Click "Play Online"

From the home screen, simply click Play Online

Step 3: Select Your Skill Level and Click "Play as Guest"

From there, select your skill level, and then click Play as Guest:

Step 4: Play Your Game!

From there, choose your time setting and click 'play' just like a normal game, and you'll be matched with someone who also chose that skill level! Since the games are anonymous, there is a chance you may be matched against someone of a much higher or lower skill level than you, since anyone can pick any level.

For a Better Experience, Create Your Account on!

For much more accurate matching, the ability to view past games, and save analysis, and much more, please try creating an account here on!

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