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What are achievements?
What are achievements?
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Achievements are awards you can receive for reaching certain goals on your account at Unlike game and community awards, achievements cannot be given, they can only be earned! Think of achievements as trophies, but you don't necessarily have to play in a tournament to earn them!

You can earn achievements for all sorts of things, from logging in every day for a month, to playing 10,000 Live games! To see your achievements, and a list of all possible achievements you have to hover over the logo on the left menu and click 'awards':

In the awards menu, click on 'achievements' to see all the different ones available. Achievements that you have earned will be visible in color, while those yet to be acquired will appear as a grey lock.

The grey locked achievements can be unlocked by performing certain tasks and completing their respective steps. For example, the Puzzle Veteran achievement requires you to correctly solve 1000 puzzles in order to unlock it.

Go through the achievements list to find out which ones are left to earn!

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