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How do I change what's in my Showcase?
How do I change what's in my Showcase?
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Your showcase is a great way to show off your favorite trophies and awards!

However, if you haven't looked at it in a while, it might still be filled with whatever trophies and awards you happened to earn first. Read on below to see how to change them!

Accessing Your Showcase

To view your showcase, you can either go to your 'home' page and then click on 'awards', or you can find it on the right side of your home page below your ratings and above your friends.

Removing Trophies and Awards from Your Showcase

If there are trophies or awards in your showcase that you want to remove, simply click on 'awards' and then click on the award you want to remove. A pop-up will appear, and you can click on 'remove from showcase' to take it out of your showcase. You can repeat this process for all the awards you want to remove, until your showcase is empty.

Adding Trophies and Awards to Your Showcase

Now that you've cleared your showcase, it's time to add new trophies and awards to it. To feature a tournament trophy or a community or game award in your showcase, simply find the award you want to display and click on it. Then select 'feature in showcase' and it will now appear on your showcase.

That's it! You've successfully updated your showcase. Now everyone who visits your page will see your featured awards and trophies displayed proudly. Keep in mind that you can change your showcase anytime by following these simple steps.

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