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How do I partner with someone in bughouse?
How do I partner with someone in bughouse?
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Half the fun of bughouse is playing with your friends! See below how to partner up with a friend of your choice.

If you've never played bughouse or are unclear on the rules, be sure to read here for more info!

How to partner

First, go to Play, and click on Custom to see more options:

Then, click on 'standard' to change the game type:

Click on Doubles(bughouse)

Your partner will default to a random person. Click where it says 'random' under Partner to choose your partner.

It will then change to a text box where you can type the username of the member you want to partner with:

As you start to type, possible options will appear, you can click on one of them to select them as your Partner:

You can do the same thing for Opponent if you want to choose your opponent!

After you've selected your Partner (and Opponent, if you want) click 'Partner', and an invite will be sent to your partner!

If the member you invited isn't responding, you can cancel the invite and try someone else. Do this by hovering over where it says 'waiting for partner', and the button will change to say 'cancel':

Once your partner accepts, you'll be teamed up and ready to send a challenge, or start a match against a random opponent!

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