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How can I embed a video in my profile?
How can I embed a video in my profile?
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If you are a Premium member on, you will unlock all kinds of editing tools for your profile page! Premium profiles can have all kinds of text and images, and you can even add YouTube videos! Here's how!

To embed a video, first find the video you want to add.

On the option bar below your chosen video, click ' share'

On the next menu, click 'embed'

Click the embed text to highlight it, then click copy, or press control + c on your keyboard:

Now, go to your profile! At the top of your profile page, to the right of your avatar, click on the edit button:

At the bottom of your settings page you'll see your About Me section. Click on the insert/edit media icon:

Click on the 'embed' tab, paste the code you copied from the video, then click 'Ok':

Finally, click 'save' on your profile page, and the video will now be visible on your profile!

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