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How do I turn on/off my vacation status?
How do I turn on/off my vacation status?
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You can enable Vacation Time by going directly to your Daily Chess settings.

To put yourself ON vacation, toggle the "PAUSE MY GAMES!" switch. This will put all your games on hold (with the exception of any games in 'no-vacation' tournaments) and they will remain paused for as long as you have vacation time remaining.

You can switch your vacation back to OFF when you're ready to play again, or simply make a move in any of your Daily games to turn off your vacation status.

Making a move in any game will unpause ALL your games. You can not selectively pause games.

When you go on vacation, you may wish to let your opponents know by using the chat feature in your Daily Chess games.

The text in red shows how much vacation time you have remaining. Please note that each vacation consumes a minimum of 24 hours of your remaining vacation budget.

It is very important you remember to click "Save" at the bottom of that page before closing or leaving this screen!

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